Here’s our top 10 Christmas gift ideas to suit any budget or personality in your life. We’ve got you covered from ultrabooks to tablets and accessories to storage solutions. There will be no re-gifting with these awesome tech gifts, and put you on the nice list for next year!

Gifts under $500

1. The (Mostly) Lovable Space Cadet: a one-button backup

Iomega EZ media back up

“OMG Did you wipe all of the videos of Lily's first Christmas”? Ever notice that the smartest people seem to do this kind of stuff all the time? Stage a friendly intervention with a Lenovo Iomega EZ Media & Backup Centre. – FROM ONLY $369

2. Mr Messy: a beautiful wireless keyboard and mouse

We've got this new thing called wireless technology. Lenovo didn't invent it, but we do make a sleek and sophisticated Ultraslim Wireless Keyboard and Mouse that will help you with your New Year’s tidy desk resolution. – ONLY $56

3. Ms Work-Life Balance: a beautiful monitor you can take anywhere

Is that a monitor in your suitcase? Seriously? If it's a ThinkVision 14” Mobile Monitor – just a tad under one kilogram and only 22 mm thick – then I guess it’s okay. There's still room for your Himalayan rock salt candle holder. – ONLY $180

4. The Energetic Child: a direct connection to hours of entertainment

How many days until school goes back? Doesn’t matter. This gift is actually for you too. A ThinkPad OneLink Dock gives you crystal-clear HD audio and video through HDMI and charges your laptop, phone or tablet at the same time. – ONLY $149

5. The Iconoclast: a revolutionary Android tablet

One day maybe all tablets will be designed for you to hold comfortably in your hand, or to tilt or stand on their own. Maybe they’ll all have batteries that last as long your day. Right now, there’s just one tablet that does all this and more. You can lead the way with an amazing Yoga 8” or 10” Multimode Tablet. – FROM ONLY $349

Gifts over $500

6. The Free Spirit: a laptop that’s really a tablet

Follow the path to technology nirvana and meditate on this: is it a laptop that folds? Or a tablet that tilts? A laplet? A tabtop? We call it the ThinkPad Yoga – a 12.5” Ultrabook that’s amazing in any of its incarnations. – FROM ONLY $1299

7. The Leo in Your Life: a gorgeous, shiny new Ultrabook

There's absolutely nothing wrong with a teensy bit of showing off. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon is just perfect for this sort of thing – especially the touchscreen version (or model)? Quite simply, it's ultra-everything. Stylish, portable and durable with amazing battery life. – FROM ONLY $1599

8. The Constant Traveller: a Windows 8 tablet for work and play

Frankly, I’m surprised that anyone would schedule a conference in Vanuatu in December. But if you have to go, I’d suggest you take a ThinkPad Tablet 2. It’s a fully-functional Windows 8 PC and gives you a vibrant, wide and rich viewing experience. – ONLY $699

9. The Staycationer: no, not a onesie, an all-in-one

Bummer! Heard you have to stay at home and do a bit of "work" over the holidays. Clear the clutter and reclaim your desk with a ThinkCentre Edge 72z All-In-One. Maybe catch up on the last series of Breaking Bad in your down time. – FROM ONLY $549

10. The Minimalist: a desktop so small it fits in your lunchbox

Why you would want to do this is beyond me – they’d be no room left for your lunch. ThinkCentre M93p Tiny Desktop fits just about anywhere, so I’d suggest mounting it under your desk or behind your monitor. A reliable, enterprise-strength desktop that you can turn into a home entertainment server. – ONLY $999


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