10 keyboard shortcuts to boost your productivity

10 Keyboard shortcuts to boost your productivity

Keyboard shortcuts are easy to learn and can really boost your productivity. With a bit of practice, they will even become second nature.
Once you master some keyboard calisthenics, you’ll be slashing through spreadsheets, controlling content and burning through budgets. Here are 10 shortcuts to add to your computer arsenal.

Note: if you’re a Mac user, the Control key in Windows translates to a Command key in Mac OS.

1. Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V

The fundamental Cut (Ctrl-X), Copy (Ctrl-C) and Paste (Ctrl-V) commands are at the very core of your interactions with your computer and are an indispensable time-saver. Make these your best friend and you’ll get things done a lot quicker.


2. Ctrl+A

Use this to select everything. Rather than laboriously dragging a mouse down to highlight your whole document, this simple shortcut highlights everything. Team it up with a sneaky Ctrl+C and a Ctrl+V to quickly copy and paste one document into another.


3. Ctrl+F

Are you hunting for a specific piece of information in a long document? The Find shortcut will skip you to the keyword or phrase you're after instantly – and will also help you find that misplaced file. Great for finding key facts in wordy webpages too.


4. Ctrl+Z

The Undo shortcut will stop you screaming “But I didn't mean to do that!” at the computer. Undo that accidental last command, typing faux pas or embarrassing calculation. Real life would be so much easier if it had a Ctrl+Z function.


5. Ctrl+Y

The opposite of Ctrl+Z, this Redo shortcut action is a great time-saver for adding extra columns and rows in spreadsheets or performing repetitive functions.


6. Alt+Tab

Quickly jump from one application to another with this keyboard shortcut. By holding down the Alt key then tapping the Tab button you'll be a multitasking machine as you easily and seamlessly toggle between open applications and files.

7. Ctrl+S

To really save your time and reduce your stress levels, save your work quickly and effortlessly as you go. Use it, and use it often. You have been warned.
8. Ctrl+Alt+Del (Windows)
When the computer freezes or a program crashes you can use Ctrl+Alt+Del to interrupt the function and bring up the Task Manager or logout screen.


9. Ctrl+Shift+Esc (Windows)

This shortcut allows you to bypass Ctrl+Alt+Del and simply bring up the Task Manager.


10. Ctrl + Backspace

Finally, if you need to delete text in a hurry this helpful shortcut allows you to delete whole words at a time.


There are plenty of productivity gains to be made from these time-saving shortcuts, so limber up and get typing.


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