The ThinkVision Pro2840M 4K display

It’s been a highlight of consumer electronics shows for quite a few years now, but 4K hasn’t been on most people’s agenda because of cost or the availability of content. That’s all changed this year, with a slew of new product announcements from video manufacturers: cameras, recorders and displays.

So you can expect more and more 4K content to start appearing (like this year’s World Cup).

When 4K displays first appeared, they were tens of thousands of dollars. They’ve steadily come down in price, with our new ThinkVision Pro2840m display priced very affordably. This new display is compatible with most current Lenovo PCs, so 4K is now something you can think about for your own desk.

First of all, what is 4K?

Display formats compared

Just to get the names straight, 4K is also called UHD – ultra high definition – and 2160p.

In short, 4K is a new, higher, standard resolution for video displays.

It’s double the resolution of “Full HD” in both dimensions – 3840x2160 pixels, for four times the overall display resolution – 8.6 megapixels vs just over 2 megapixels.

Why go 4K?

Everything looks better. Apart from the higher resolution, the pixels on our new display are much smaller, so details are sharper. Digital photos look fantastic. Web apps become amazing. Games leap up to another level.

Phenomenal video

The newest top-end home and professional video cameras can shoot video at 4K. Apart from using the full resolution, if you’re reducing the final resolution to HD or smaller, shooting in 4K lets you pan and crop within frames without losing resolution.

Enlarge your desk

For office and publishing apps, our 28” 4K display will let you view three full-size A4 pages side by side with room to spare, with pixels about half the size of the old standard screen resolution. So editing documents, spreadsheets, presentations and publications just becomes faster and simpler by keeping more in front of you.

Video editors can have a full-resolution HD image in a quarter of the screen.


4K or UHD?

It’s a little confusing, but there are actually two “4K” resolutions. Digital Cinema 4K, which is 4096x2160 pixels and UHD (ultra high definition) which is 3840x2160 pixels (about 6% less than the pro standard). Outside of a movie studio, “4K”=”UHD”.

“2160p” is another term being used. This is more consistent with the current terminology of “1080i” and “1080p” (for 1920x1080 interlaced and progressive respectively), but “4K” seems to be more popular.

For everything you ever wanted to know about display resolution, visit this Wikipedia entry.

Will it work with my PC?

The maximum resolution of the ThinkVision Pro2840m is 3840x2160 pixels at 60Hz. Many newer Lenovo laptops and desktops can drive this, but some machines may not be able to use its full resolution or speed. Check the specs of your computer to confirm this ( is the best resource for current models). The display will work at most lower resolutions, so it’s very likely it will work, but you may not get its full capabilities until you next upgrade your computer or graphics card.

What about resolution?

“Sharp as a tack” sums it up. The pixel pitch is 0.16mm (160dpi), around half the old 72 and 96 dpi standards. So edges are crisp and text is sharp.
The screen image size is 649mm x 369mm. Three A4 pages side by side are 630mm x 297mm. A broadsheet newspaper page is 372mm wide x 540mm deep and tabloid is 260 wide x 374 deep.

Buy it now

Lenovo’s new ThinkVision Pro2840m delivers 4K for an incredible price. Click here to find out more and order your own.