5 awesome tips to become a Windows 8 master

5 Windows 8 App Tips

To get the most out of the Windows 8 Operating System on your desktop you need to commit the keyboard shortcuts to subconscious memory. You will be slightly slower for a week or so but once you’ve committed the workflow we list below to your muscle memory you’ll be moving through Windows 8 in hyper-speed!

1. Find applications

1. Press Ctrl to get to the start screen
2. Start typing the name of your application e.g. wor for Microsoft Word
3. As you type applications that match your search term will be listed
4. The application at the top of the list will be highlighted, select the application you want using the up and down arrows on your keyboard
5. Hit Enter when the application you want to open is highlighted

2. Move through open applications

To move through your open applications use the trusty Ctrl-tab.

3. Application options and settings

1. Press Ctrl-Z to access the open application’s options
2. Press Ctrl-I to access the open application’s settings

4. Application multi-tasking

1. Press Ctrl+. to snap the open application to the right of the screen
2. Press Ctrl+. twice to snap it to the left
3. Press Ctrl-tab to add another application to the larger area of the screen

5. Close application

Press Atl+F4 to close the application you’re currently in.

That’s it! If you’re on your desktop make sure you only use the shortcuts above to manage your applications and you’ll be a Windows 8 desktop wizard in no time!

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