5 Reasons to upgrade your PC

5 Reasons to upgrade your PC

Lenovo fans just can’t stop raving about our products: “I love this machine!”, “I chose Lenovo over all the other brands as my desktop replacement...”, “Everything about my ThinkPad is really good...”

We're sure you'd agree too if you owned one of our PC's. After all, we are the world’s number 1 PC maker!

Whether you are a hip college student who wants to make a style statement, a professional looking for a sophisticated machine to manage all your work seamlessly, or somebody who doesn’t want to go wrong with your first laptop, Lenovo is surely the first choice for you. We have something for everyone from our wide range of laptops.

So, let’s check out some of the unique features that will enhance your user-experience and add some oomph to your personality!



• Lenovo laptops come with 4th generation Intel® Core™ i series processors for faster performance, and remarkably long battery life. If you are a gamer or enjoy downloading and watching movies on your laptop, there cannot be a machine more ideal for you.

• There’s magic when Lenovo reliability and Windows 8 innovation come together. You will experience incredibly enhanced speed & performance, empowered mobility and improved security. Whether you need a productive powerhouse or a modern road warrior, Lenovo and Windows 8 are ready.



• Lenovo gives users an easy way to adjust the PC’s display and sound effect settings. Users can switch from normal to movie mode on the fly to optimize the picture when watching movies or playing games. Add to this Dolby-quality sound and you have an incredible audio-visual experience.
• A Lenovo laptop can also easily handle HD videos and games while its battery ensures you don’t run out of charge, making it the perfect entertainer.



• We're consistently ranked as a top provider of customer support in surveys. Need we say more?


• Many of our notebooks pass 8 military specs for ruggedness under extreme hot, cold, humid, and dusty conditions. Whew!

• Lenovo systems are built to reduce heat in critical areas, and our fans are specially designed to run quietly with the least amount of power, extending battery life as well.
• That means less strain on the system's components, lower power consumption, and more comfort for the user.


• The keyboard is the most personal part of your PC. You are in constant touch with it so the spacing and height of our keys are specially designed to be comfortable to use and to increase accuracy.
• Many of our models have spill-resistant keyboards, so a little accident while sipping coffee...no problem!

With a Lenovo laptop, you are certainly on your way to an exceptionally beautiful, exciting and fulfilling PC experience!

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