5 Time-Saving Hacks from the Yoga™ 720

If there’s one trait that defines (or perhaps plagues) modern life above all others, it’s speed. Whether you’re at home, in the office, or racing somewhere in between, you’re probably feeling squeezed by a variety of pressures that leave you wondering why there’s never enough time in the day. Understandably, a growing number of us now consider time a commodity more precious than money.1

This obsession with speed is prevalent amongst millennials, who are accustomed to life at the speed of digital – hot-desking on a big deadline at work one moment, then off to the local coffee shop to do some creative for a side hustle, before returning home to catch up on social media with friends while streaming a film. In short, today’s millennial consumers are looking for PC-generated hacks that can save them time, bring order to chaos, and power their aspirations across a new realm of new possibilities. And they want it in an eye-catching design that doesn’t crush their budget.

Faster than the speed of life

Based on feedback from our users, Lenovo built the Yoga 720 not just to deliver the speed and functionality PC users expect, but also to weed out the tedious, frustrating, outdated practices that steal users’ time. Here are five ways the Yoga 720, in both form and function, saves time.

Yoga 720 (shown above) is a powerhouse convertible laptop made for the mobile multitasking generation.

#1: Helping now….

By marrying the Yoga 720 with Cortana® – Microsoft®’s voice-activated personal assistant – we designed a computer that acts as a kind of neural extension to its owner’s memory. Serena can sync Cortana with her family’s calendar, allowing her to receive reminders of her toddler son’s pre-school schedule and open it with a voice command to add another reminder about an upcoming dentist appointment – a reminder that will be delivered to her mobile phone. While he’s cooking dinner, Peter asks Cortana to pause the music he’s listening to and instead find and display the recipe to the dish he’s making. While he’s reviewing the ingredients, Peter is alerted to a missed call to his mobile phone in the other room, and uses the Yoga 720 to return the call before restarting the music.

Watch how Cortana on the Yoga 720 can help users get through the day

#2: … and later

The Yoga 720 with Cortana not only lets its users manage their everyday tasks, but proactively anticipates needs based on their actions and habits. Katie, a hurried, harried part-time graduate student and full-time employee, leans on Cortana to remind her about a meeting she committed to in an email, as well as some documents she might need for an upcoming evening class. Acting as a mobile digital assistant, the Yoga 720 with Cortana uses its contextual intelligence capabilities to learn about Katie over time, even as it also alerts her to a traffic accident she’ll need to avoid if she’s going to make the meeting on time.

Yoga 720 (shown in Copper) with Cortana is designed to adapt to the way users work, not the other way around.

#3: One-in-7.5 billion security 

If there is one drain on PC users’ time that is also the most frustrating, it’s trying to remember – and correctly key-in – an endless parade of passwords. One study says companies lose $420 of productivity per employee per year courtesy of the thousands of times they must enter, re-enter, recover, and reset lost passwords.2 Worse, frustration with passwords has led many users – particularly millennials – to take dangerous shortcuts that compromise security (not even counting the enormous time lost when a computer is hacked). In fact, one study found that 87 percent of millennials reuse passwords and 27 percent share passwords with others.3 As a result, the Council of Better Business Bureaus says millennials are the generation most likely to be the victims of a digital scam. To remedy this problem, the Yoga 720 and Windows Hello™ provide fingerprint recognition software that is uniquely, exclusively the PC owner’s. Need to step away from your computer to grab your coffee? The Yoga 720 naps until its owner – and her fingerprint – return. Login times are reduced to less than two seconds, and this same fingerprint recognition can be used to streamline purchases with participating retailers.

Yoga 720’s fingerprint reader and Windows Hello enable an authorized user to securely sign in with just a touch—in seconds.

Watch how the Yoga 720’s integrated fingerprint reader makes logging in with Windows Hello so much easier

#4: An open playing field

With the optional Lenovo Active Pen 2, the Yoga 720 convertible is as flexible and versatile as ever. No more wasting time opening, closing and switching between applications. The Lenovo Active Pen 2 lets users easily transition across tasks. Inga can use the Lenovo Active Pen 2 with Windows Ink™ for her documentary side hustle, making annotations directly onto image stills and videos for her editor. Jen, the editor across town, can use her Lenovo Active Pen 2 to sketch out a new approach to Inga’s feedback, record and send it back to Inga. She’ll also use the Lenovo Active Pen 2 to jot down a to-do list that Cortana will remind her about later. Deciding it’s easier to discuss in person, Inga writes out the address to the coffee shop Jen’s in, and Lenovo Active Pen 2 connects to Windows Maps to provide her with the directions. And because the Lenovo Active Pen 2 offers accurate pressure sensitivity (including palm-recognition technology), no more time is wasted on a PC’s inadvertent interpretations of user intent.

Optional pen input with Lenovo Active Pen 2 and Windows Ink mimic the feel of pen and paper—for more natural, more efficient writing and drawing.

Watch how Yoga 720 with Lenovo Active Pen 2 and Windows Ink helps capture all the details in every meeting

#5: Location, location, location

It’s no secret that successful relay races depend on effortless handoffs. Which is why we designed every one of the Yoga 720’s transitions – in form or functionality – to be fast, efficient and convenient. Working on a major presentation at work, Lee folds back his 4K touchscreen into tablet mode to attend a meeting, Continuum providing interruption-free connectivity. Later, he completes the presentation and uses Microsoft Edge™ and his Yoga 720’s fingerprint authentication to instantly add the file to DropBox™ to await his manager’s final edits. Arriving in Berlin two days later for the presentation, Lee knows the Lenovo Connect e-SIM will keep him connected, not even a 3,000-mile handoff too much for his Yoga 720.

Today’s population of digital natives expects a PC that’s as capable of on-the-fly transitions as they are. From its convertible form factor to its best-in-class performance to its intimate marriage with Windows 10, the Yoga 720 is designed to harness the speed of the modern era and put it to use for its owners. If time is indeed the most precious of commodities, the Yoga 720 gives users plenty of it to work with.

Yoga 720 convertible laptop (shown here in Platinum Silver)

The Yoga 720 13-inch model is available starting $829, and the 15-inch model is available starting $1,119.99. All products are available on www.lenovo.com.


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