A Backpack for Those Who Do

Guest author Michael Archambault recently tested the new ThinkPad Ultralight Cases. His verdict: A perfect blend of style and comfort - Mission complete.

If James Bond used a backpack, it would be the Lenovo ThinkPad Ultralight Backpack. This $99 backpack from Lenovo combines Military grade Kevlar and Ripstop along with Carbon Fiber to protect your system during any of your missions for queen and country.

The ThinkPad Ultralight Backpack fits up to 14.1 inch notebooks and has enough room to hold your valuables. During my testing of the backpack I was initially worried it would be too small to hold all of my belongings, but I was strongly mistaken. I was able to fit my ThinkPad X1 Carbon, A/C power cord, wireless mouse, on-ear headphones, ThinkPad Tablet 2, and my portable gaming device neatly into the backpack without it being a tight fit. This backpack is a modern day Houdini, it only has four zippered areas, but each has immense storage space that doesn’t even seem possible at first glance.

The top zippered area has two padded areas, one for a laptop and one for a tablet. I have never seen a manufacturer design a backpack with a tablet in mind and quite frankly I am impressed that Lenovo included it. My Tablet no longer jumps around, but instead is neatly held in place. The top zippered area also includes area for charging cables. On the sides of the backpack are two large zippered storage areas that were able to easily hold the rest of my valuables including special placing for pens and pencils (you know, if you still use those). In the front is a final zippered area for storing smaller valuables.

Up until this backpack I had used the ThinkPad Business Backpack which is more formal and a nice bit larger. The comfort with the new ThinkPad Ultralight Backpack has been greatly improved; the back of the backpack is designed from EVA foam in a honeycomb style arrangement. The backing is also curved and I honestly have to say that this is one of the most comfortable backpacks I have EVER worn. The curved styling of the back form-fits your own back and creates a very comfortable experience. No more will you have to worry about the bottom of a heavy backpack digging into your lower back.

Overall I couldn’t be happier with the ThinkPad Backpack and it has become my new travel companion for work and school. If a backpack isn’t your style though then the ThinkPad Ultralight TopLoad (AKA: Messenger Bag) at $89 is a great alternative. Designed from the same materials and mimicking the same design style, the Messenger Bag is great for those would prefer the over shoulder method. It did in my testing provide the same amount of space for your valuables.

My recommendation is to pick up one of these excellent cases up for your ThinkPad. The only aspect better than the case itself is the Lifetime warranty that comes with it. Keep “DO”ing Thinkers!