All day long, all day strong: Our new X220 Slice Battery

If you are carrying around a ThinkPad X Series laptop, you're the kind of person that values performance and mobility.  Since these things are often at odds with each other, it takes real engineering to deliver both.  As you might expect, Lenovo has a long history of innovation in this area, and the new X220 represents the culmination of everything we know about a powerful computer in a small, portable package with outstanding battery life. Battery technology is a critical piece of that puzzle, and while we've delivered the normal array of batteries (4-cell, 6-cell and 9-cell) to give you great runtime with the system battery, we've also announced something that takes the term "all day computing" to a whole new level.  The Lenovo Battery 19+ is a new battery for the ThinkPad X220 and X220 tablet and it can give you more than eight additional hours of working time on top of the system battery.  Add that to the largest system battery (the 9-cell "29++ Battery"), and you can literally go halfway around the world on a single charge with your X220.

This battery has a "slice" design - it snaps on the bottom of the system.  It obviously adds some thickness and weight, but you still have a light and portable package.  We've had some terriffic feedback on slice batteries from our customers, and we have incorporated two new design features to give you maximum flexibility:

  • The first is the fact that the battery has a place to plug in your AC adapter, charging off the system.  That means you can experience the incredible mobility of the X220 while your 19+ battery waits at your desk, charging and ready for when you need it. 
  • Secondly, there is a button on the side you can press to see the charge level of the battery so you can have some idea of how much time you'll get even before you plug it into the system.

You keep thinking of places to go and things to do - we'll keep thinking of ways to have your ThinkPad always running with you!

The familiar yellow plug for your AC adapter is to the left of the button and LEDs used to check battery

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