University of Hawaii - Manoa COE Stores More with Direct Attached Storage Units

According to international research firm IDC, it’s expected that by 2020 each person will generate over 5,200 GB of data annually. Imagine the space required to store and protect the data created by a mid-size university, which averages anywhere between 5,000 and 15,000 full-time students and faculty!

As data storage needs continue to grow exponentially, many universities are feeling the pinch of shrinking IT budgets, requiring administrators to find alternatives to their existing legacy storage infrastructure. Direct-attached storage (DAS) units, which is digital storage that is attached directly to a PC or a server, are an excellent option for schools and address several storage pain points, including:

Low cost of implementation: Most servers are designed with existing DAS storage, which allows IT managers to easily increase its storage capacity by purchasing an expansion unit that requires only the upfront cost of the device, as compared to investing in another server entirely.

Maintenance: Supporting old legacy infrastructure often requires a dedicated team of administrators to monitor and is extremely costly. However, external storage solutions, like DAS units, are easily maintained using hot swappable parts. They can also be serviced without calling upon outside consultants or specialized technical experts.

Easy scalability: University storage needs will continue to grow as more hosted applications are introduced and students begin storing more information in the cloud. DAS units are designed to grow with an organization, and additional units are able to be “daisy-chained” together as storage needs expand with easy plug-and-go technology. 

Want to learn more about alternative storage technologies? See how [PDF] the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s College of Education leveraged Lenovo’s ThinkServer SA120 DAS to seamlessly transition from costly legacy infrastructure to a simple, scalable storage solution that saved both time and money.