Enabling Real-Time Customer Insights with IoT Data

The connected world has brought a wealth of new opportunity for organizations to tap into previously unharnessed information and insight. Data coming from a variety of sources, when combined with enterprise application data is changing the nature of the questions we can ask and providing a 360 degree view of businesses and customers. Being able to bring these vast quantities of data into our mainstream data analysis will prove a huge differentiator for those who can achieve it.  Lenovo, Bluefin and SAP are here to enable you for future success.

At the 2016 SAP SAPPHIRE NOW event this year, Lenovo and Bluefin will take you through a real IoT use-case showing the scenario of the ever-connected person. In Lenovo’s Booth #217, you will see how real-time data, such as movement analysis can be easily captured, stored and consumed to create real time insights using techniques such as heat mapping.

How will Lenovo apply this use-case?  The company plans to use the sophisticated analysis to track booth traffic and make future improvements to event attendee experiences.  The information will enable predictive analytics and the ability to generate a heat map of booth activity.  This information can then be used to determine future booth configurations based on area use, redirect traffic flow using alerts and to develop promotions to pull traffic to theater presentations and demos, plan for staff additions at key times, etc.  This simple, real-time use-case will allow event attendees to experience the technology first hand. 

More importantly, by allowing attendees to become part of the analytics, Lenovo is revealing the potential application of the solution itself. The technology enabling this capability includes is based on SAP HANA powered by Lenovo systems with Bluefin’s Internet of Things (IoT) application and showcased on Lenovo devices.

 The possibilities for industries such as government/public sector, retail, healthcare and finance are endless!

For more information, visit Lenovo Booth #217 at the 2016 SAP SAPPHIRE NOW event.