Somewhere in the world, right now, there’s a Dane in a small house -- tinkering with servers.

Who is he?

Morten Hjorth.

Tinker, Tailor, YouTuber

A server specialist from Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark, Morten’s got over twenty years experience with server infrastructure and server management. Originally on the client side, he’s moved towards hardware – and he’s never left.

When his grandparents sold their house, he bought it – and he outfitted it with scrapped IT equipment. A pair of server racks were the first tenants – followed by two older Compaq servers. Over the years, other servers joined the ranks. Most recently they’ve been cleared out to make room for a bevy of newer Lenovo Systems: the x3650 M1, the x3650 M2 and the x3650 M3, and most recently, an enterprise-class x3650 M4.

It was early in 2014 when Morten decided to start a YouTube channel to showcase his servers. His first foray into YouTubing started with the greatest “geekout” of all: server hardware unboxing.

He was surprised by the response: his first video was popular, netting thousands of views. Unboxing was something very few other independent reviewers were doing – and he’s since continued to make more videos of server experimentation. Today, he has approximately 23,000 YouTube subscribers.

“I often think of fiddling with servers, like playing with Lego. I like building out a new system. When it is built, then I like to move on build something else. And I do like to mix components and do stuff, that was not officially in the building instructions. I like seeing it in new, composable ways. Just like Legos,” says Hjorth.

Morten’s straightforward and candid attitude is one of the reasons for his success. He’s always authentic, even when his videos don’t quite work out the way he was hoping. Indeed, he’s respected for also sharing the failed experiments. Often, someone “smarter” will comment on the video, pointing out where he went wrong. But then he (and his viewers) get the joy of trying it again, together

Morten puts out about three videos every week – and he reads every comment.

He also listens to his network. When a commenter asks, “Can I put a graphics card in an x3850 M2?” he responds, “I don’t know, but let’s figure it out!” and then out comes a new video response.

The Magnet Experiment

But Morten’s not the only Dane in the server experimentation business. Last year he teamed up with a YouTubing countryman with a penchant for magnets. Together, they recorded and shared the destruction of three servers – using the world's largest neodymium magnet. He found the video got plenty of views, but the reaction surprised him. His audience appreciated his entrepreneurship, but they didn’t like seeing such expensive, beautiful machines getting destroyed.

So Morten and his partner teamed up again to keep the viewers happy. This time, they made a video fixing the servers – post magnetic damage.

Investing in YouTube

Morten knows his audience: and he knows that they like to see fresh content with the latest servers. So he made the decision to make an expensive investment in a brand new enterprise server: the Lenovo x3650 M4.

It was not a low spend: but he knew it would be something that his YouTube viewers would appreciate, and he took the plunge.

He bought a sparingly equipped base model, planning to add on to it later – with the full intention of making it his 24/7, premier server.

More on Morten

What other kind of hardware related hijinx does Martin get into? April Fool’s is his favorite holiday. “This time of year, I love coming up with fake server stories to trick my viewers. In 2015 it was four secret extra cores in the Xeon 5400 series. And in 2016, I highlighted that potato starch would work as an active heat conduction between the CPU and the heatsink. I have so much fun!”

{{Please note, he successfully fooled our social media manager with the starch experiment video. Sneaky Morten!!}}

Interested? Want to tune in and see what else Morten gets up to?

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