Photos and images courtesy of Dan "Dilemma" Thomas.

The wonderful thing about fans is that they’re not just enthusiastic, they’re also talented. One of these fans is musician, DJ and music producer, Dan “Dilemma” Thomas.

"I grew up a fan of music from the influence of not only my parents but my high school music teacher. That love for music pushed me to become a music producer. I love producing music and putting sounds together to create a feeling or tell a story."
- Dan

When he’s not creating or producing music, Dan runs workshops and teaches kids about music production. It’s wonderful to see such a positive role model for young kids who have a growing interest in music.

"The students get excited whenever I get a chance to share something new from Lenovo. Whether it's the 27' Horizon (which a few students use to make beats), my Moto watch, my Phab 2 Pro or anything from the Yoga family, they really love everything! I remember one parent that bought a Yoga laptop because their daughter loved the one I used in class so much plus she enjoyed creating on it. As you saw in the video clip with the young student making a beat with the Phab 2 pro, well for weeks this student was extremely shy, and wouldn't talk to anyone in the class. I was running out of ideas to keep him engaged in class I so gave him my Phab 2 Pro to mess around with. & Just like that, he opened up and was loving all his quick beat ideas. Now I can't get my phone back during class lol, oh well. It's really amazing to see what attracts each student. I'm the "cool Music Producer teacher" thanks to Lenovo!" - Dan


At one of these workshops, Dan got to know a young man named JoJo. Also a musician-in-the-making, JoJo came to the workshop to improve his own music production. When Dan found out that JoJo needed a new computer for his music, he had to help out in some way.

Watch the video below to see JoJo’s reaction when Dan gifts him a Yoga 900 loaded with tools to help him produce music:

"Being able to teach and share my story with so many high schools students (like JoJo) makes all those long studio nights worth it. I believe that teaching the arts in general is a BIG DEAL and has shaped most of my life. Not only do my students learn how to create, produce and record songs, but they also learn life lessons that sometimes are not taught in school. It's a great feeling when they come in shy and timid but when the course is over they leave bold and ready to take on the world!" - Dan

Good on you Dan for helping a young person develop their musical talent. Remember: Even you can make a difference like Dan by giving back and re-gifting devices you no longer use.


Dan "Dilemma" Thomas is a musician, DJ and music producer. You can learn more about Dan at his website or reach out on Twitter @OfficialDilemma. You can also catch him at his next show on February 9, in LA for a Pre-Grammy Party.


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