Have a say in the new version of Lenovo Companion

Lenovo Companion App

We’re redesigning the Lenovo Companion app and want to hear from you!

The new version of Companion is launching in a couple months.  We’d like it to be the go-to app you use all the time...and we need your help to get it there.

  • What do you think of the content in Companion today?
  • What could make it better?
  • What type of content would you like to read more about?

Your feedback is important to us, so let us know your suggestions. The link to the survey is in Companion. 

What is Lenovo Companion?

For those who aren’t familiar with Lenovo Companion…

Companion is a Lenovo-exclusive, Windows 8 app pre-loaded on all Lenovo Windows 8 PCs and tablets. Think of it as your destination for everything related to your new Lenovo system. The content in the app is updated frequently and includes how to’s, tips and videos to help maximize your Lenovo experience. Learn how to:

  • Discover the features of your new system including the new TrackPad, Fingerprint Reader and Adaptive Keyboard
  • Get up and running with Windows 8.1 and find out more about pre-loaded software
  • Check out Lenovo recommended Windows 8 apps and games in the Windows Store
  • Upgrade your warranty and see all of the optional accessories designed for your specific system

Where to find Lenovo Companion

Navigate to the Windows Start screen. Scroll to see the Lenovo Apps. Click on the Companion icon.

Lenovo Companion

After you open Companion, click on the Content Survey tile. The survey should take you less than five minutes to complete.

Countdown to the new Lenovo Companion

We’ll be releasing screenshots of the new version in the next few weeks, so keep returning to Companion for exclusive sneak peeks. We’re sure you’ll be just as excited as we are about the new Companion!