Holiday Photo-Sharing Tip

SHAREit is the perfect solution for holiday photo-sharing

Year after year, at the end of a trip to see family for the holidays, I find myself in the same situation - I've got 85 great photos on my phone, and so does everyone else in the house. 

My mother-in-law wants all the choice photos on her PC...All the grown-up kids want to swap photos between their iPhones and Samsungs...And for the best of the best photos, we need to get on a tablet so we can run a slide show on the tv.

If this sounds anything like your family holidays, then you're probably using a hodge podge of Facebook, Instagram, emailing or texting to move all of these photos around. Even though you're standing right next to eachother.

This year, take a minute to download SHAREit on your phones, tablets and PCs - it's free and works for Windows, Android and iOS. 

Now. Rejoice.

When you have SHAREit running on everyone's devices, you can send the best holiday photos, back and forth between any PC, phone or tablet in seconds. 

Happy Holidays!

Download SHAREit for Windows, Android and iOS now.