How We Test Our New ThinkPad Backpack Prototypes

ThinkPad Backpack on the snow

CES--the world’s largest electronics conference--is behind us. Those who were there saw all the new ThinkPads, tablets and cell phones along with our new lines of carrying cases. After many years of having the same ThinkPad branded cases, it is a time for a change.
Designing new case is not easy. Whether you like backpack or other silhouette of the case your choice is often very personal. Besides function, durability and protection a bag must express your personality.
I spent last month traveling. It was the perfect time to test some prototypes. I first tested our new Active line, which will be joining our portfolio in April. The 30-liter backpack is big enough to accommodate a ThinkPad laptop (I use T Series) and Tablet 2 along with all the necessary stuff.  But it has a lot of space for spare clothes and snacks if you go skiing with your family!

ThinkPad Active Backpack logo detail

After Christmas we had a big job to do at the CES show in Las Vegas. And you know when you travel, a backpack is great as you do not need to carry the weight in your hand.
After CES it was time to take a short break and do some hiking in Zion National Park – another great opportunity to test a bag. I packed it with my camera, a second lens, clothes (it was really cold there) and water with snacks for a half-day trip.

ThinkPad Active Backpack as weight on tripod

Red goes well with red jacket and red colors of Antelope Canyon. You would not even say I have this backpack on by back. This is me.

Antelope Canyon

No matter which ThinkPad bag you pick, all of them are durable and promise to protect your ThinkPad effectively. Although our bags do not go through the same mil-spec testing as our ThinkPad laptops, we do test them intensely before launch to ensure they can withstand whatever you throw at them.
New case lines are coming into our portfolio in April. Stay tuned as we share more in the next few weeks.