Introducing Sydney Fashion Blogger, Style Icon and Socialite: Christopher Haggarty

We are extremely excited to announce that Sydney fashion blogger, style icon and socialite Christopher Haggarty will be taking over our Instagram account as part of the #NeverStandStill project, where we feature and share the stories of movers, shakers and innovators who we think are doing it right. Check it out here.

Christopher’s story began when he moved from Taree to Sydney as a teenager to study fashion design. Before completing his first year in Sydney, only months into his studies, he landed a job as a fashion designer and hasn’t looked back ever since. He later studied business and went on to launch his own successful style blog and has recently diversified his publication, blogging about women’s style at He’s styled Paris Hilton, is a front row fixture at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and has been seen in numerous publications including Men's Style, GQ, Marie Claire, Elle, Harper's Bazaar and Vogue.

We had a chat to Mr Haggarty about his top style tips for the Spring racing season and for the fast approaching Summer.

Chris Haggarty at the races

What do you feel is the must have style item for women at the races?

Whether it be a fascinator, a headpiece, a hat or even a flower pinned into your hair, wear something on your head! Racing is "The Sport Of Kings." It's not the time to just phone it in!

So what should the men be wearing for a day at the races?

If the ladies are going all out, it is imperative that the men do as well. Men should wear a full suit (or complementing separates depending on what area you are in) with a tie, pocket square, dress shoes and belt.

Who's your favourite style icon at the moment?

I don't have one. The last person I saw getting it constantly right was (fictional character) Scarlet O'Hara. [Editor's note: think Vivian Leigh in the 1939 film Gone with the Wind. Tough crowd!]

Scarlet O'Hara

What are your spring racing style essentials?

My sunglasses, credit card and a fully charged phone.

Summer is fast approaching - what do you see being fashionable and stylish this summer?

Lots of white and pops of bright colour. I think the most important thing is to have your own style, take risks and avoid following trends - just follow me on Instagram instead: Mr Haggarty.

So what does summer mean to you?

Summer my way means the beach, pool parties, days out on the harbour, great food, cocktails and of course new clothes! Summer is also the only time of the year where I forgo my standard everyday head to toe black.

How can technology be used in fashion?

Firstly, it's the best way to share tips and new items with a mass audience (take this post for example). But even in a literal sense, the tech you use represents your personal style. I love my YOGA 3 Pro laptop not only because it’s light, thin and flexible so that I can work anywhere, but also because of the jaw-dropping colour - so far it's been my favourite accessory for Spring and I can see that continuing for Summer!

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By Jack Lo Russo