Get Those Stockings Stuffed! Last Minute Gadget Gift Ideas From Lenovo

IdeaPad A1 Tablets

It’s officially down to crunch time to finalize your holiday shopping list. Still haven’t found everything you need? Have no fear, Lenovo has a true cornucopia of stocking-stuffer toys to please everyone on your list.

The Little Tablet That Impresses
The IdeaPad A1 tablet has been turning a lot of heads – it’s a mere 7 inches, comes in four fun colors (black, white, blue and pink) and has all of the fun multimedia capabilities you  want on an Android tablet. Plus, the price is just right starting at only $249.

Accessorizing Your Tablet
Keep your new ThinkPad Tablet warm, cozy and clean with one of our tablet cover sleeves or cases.

ThinkPad Tablet case sleeve – Sleek, soft and designed to fit your ThinkPad Tablet perfectly, this neoprene constructed sleeve is just $17.99.

ThinkPad Tablet Folio case – Not only does this folio case protect your beloved tablet from accidental physical harm in the form of scratches, it provides adjustable positioning with two angle options depending on your use-case. You’ll also have full access to all your ports and tablet pen slot when the case is on.

The World’s Smallest Desktop- Turn Your TV Into an Entertainment Control Center
What does the Lenovo Q180 desktop have in common with a paperback book? They’re the same size! Say hello to a sleek, slim and powerful desktop featuring an Intel Atom dual core processor. Connect it to your TV, and voila you can easily stream videos, use the Internet and do more on larger home entertainment screens. Making your digital home even easier to control, check out the sweet mini wireless keyboard and remote – with a lengthy distance so you can consume the media you want, when you want, right from the couch (or even another room up to 98 feet or 30 meters away!)

Dear Home Geek – Meet Your New Best Friend: Mini-Wireless Keyboard

Control your laptop or desktop on the move with a Lenovo mini wireless keyboard. These keyboards include a track ball, comfortable palm-sized dimensions, USB dedicated mini-sized nano dongle, 2.4GHz radio frequency, reaching up to approximately 32 to 98 feet (10 to 30 meters) of control distance, depending on the version.

Pricing starts on at $27 for the mini wireless keyboard with remote. Or splurge for the enhanced mini-wireless keyboard with a sweet backlit keyboard, available on for $79.99.

Pump Up the Volume
Nothing is a bigger nuisance then uncomfortable headphones or ear buds. Lenovo has you covered with the ThinkPad In-Ear Headphones. These buds have a sleek look, and pair comfort with a slew of other features you could desire when plugged into your PC, including an in-line microphone. A flexible cable and high quality sound and voice make these fun buds easy to use. This is one affordable and stylish gift, just $19.95 on

Want an even bigger sound? Plug the Lenovo USB-powered mini portable speakers into your PC and you’re in for an audible treat. On the beach or in your room, play your favorite song, video game or movie on your PC and enjoy the enhanced sound these powerful little speakers can provide. $29.99 on