How do you stay competitive in today’s big-data era? Ever-increasing data growth presents opportunities to enhance business with customer insights — but often, that valuable data can be spread across dozens of sources. To empower its business users, the Lenovo Global Business Intelligence team designed a powerful platform to pull in data and display it within executive dashboards for increased visibility and predictive analytics.

With the cloud-based platform called Lenovo Unified Customer Intelligence (LUCI Sky) — a 10-node Lenovo ThinkServer cluster and the latest software — business users can now access high-value, actionable insights, often in a matter of seconds. “We have designed a very fast platform,” explains Marc Gallman, Senior Manager of Big-Data Architecture at Lenovo. “We can execute two billion rows of information in one second.”

With a goal to optimize the end-to-end customer journey and drive profitability, the innovative LUCI Sky intelligence platform is already bringing great value to Lenovo business teams.

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