Let’s be honest. While we are quick to point out the superior performance, reliability, and usability of our workstations, they really are only as powerful as the people who use them.  At the end of the day, technology is meaningless without the people who supply the vision.

And we’re constantly blown away by the vision and extraordinary talents of workstation users.  To celebrate these pioneers and their groundbreaking work, Lenovo is launching ThinkRevolution; connecting a community of innovators who inspire real change and progress. We are excited to be a part of their story and feel compelled to tell theirs.

Their work is extraordinary.

A cutting-edge Amsterdam architecture group is 3D printing the world’s first fully functional steel bridge in the heart of Amsterdam using a self-invented multiple-axis 3D printing tool that will provide engineers and craftsmen with the ability to print sustainable materials in any shape or size for the first time.

One global healthcare non-profit is creating architecture to address critical health, economic and social challenges in the developing world. And in the process, they are using local labor and materials to train a growing generation of designers and architects on the technology that will enable them to continue this development in their own countries for years to come.

Another organization is on a mission to create massive social and sustainable impact on oceans using new forms of visual media. They are using principles of rapid prototyping to find solutions to sustainability and resilience issues in the face of climate change. One of their many accomplishments is developing a methodology to capture corals in 3D, providing greater access and insight into these resources.

An education non-profit is educating and inspiring young people with STEAM programs – teaching kids how to take creative ideas and turn them into realities through the use of technology and analog tools that can transform lives and communities. Through their program, students have created a 2,000-square-foot farmers market structure, developed iconic community landmarks, revamped school libraries, and so much more.

Another non-profit is developing simple health care technology solutions to treat curable newborn diseases like jaundice, hypothermia and pneumonia that have become rampant in many developing countries. This organization is pushing the limits of rapid prototyping and low-volume manufacturing to create easy-to-operate and affordable healthcare solutions for underserved populations desperate for a better quality of life.

And these are only a small handful of the ThinkRevolutionists using Lenovo workstations to power innovations that are making an extraordinary impact throughout the world. The ThinkRevolutionists currently represent industries like media and entertainment, manufacturing, health care, architecture and engineering, education and more.

Through ThinkRevolution, Lenovo will be partnering with these customers to promote their important missions to help them make an even larger impact. And the ThinkRevolutionists will be giving us glimpses into their exciting worlds by demonstrating the unique ways they are using Lenovo workstations. Lenovo will also seek ongoing feedback from ThinkRevolutionists about our workstations that will help shape the products you use in your work and, as a result, the impact of your work throughout the world.

We invite everyone to visit the ThinkRevolution site to learn more about the ThinkRevolutionists and be inspired by their stories.