Lenovo Plays the Sixth Man with a Surprise for Local North Carolina Sports Reporter

Photo Credit: Brett Friedlander

In the United States, we’re nearing March Madness. It’s a time when some of the greatest University level basketball teams come together to compete in a grand tournament (the NCAA) for the honor of being named the greatest college basketball team in the nation. In the run up to this sporting event there are also hard-fought battles between rival teams. Nowhere is this heated rivalry more pronounced than in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area - one of Lenovo’s headquarters. In what is often called a derby in other parts of the world, the University of North Carolina and Duke University –located fifteen minutes apart— frequently battle to claim the title of greatest college team. Lenovo employees share their allegiances proudly and band together to support their teams.

This year, at a fast-paced game against North Carolina’s Wake Forest University, one of Duke’s star players – Grayson Allen – crashed into the arena’s press table after being fouled. Allen collided with journalist and ACC staff writer Brett Friedlander as he hit the table, smashing Friedlander’s laptop and rendering it unusable. Duke reached out to Friedlander to offer support for funding a new laptop. Friedlander said he would happily accept donations. Luckily for him, Lenovo employees are avid basketball fans and saw the whole thing unfold. The team at Lenovo contacted Friedlander across social media, offering him a free laptop. The gesture drew praise and a lot of attention across social media, from basketball fans to students and Duke University itself. The story was featured on local news and sports blog ACC Insider and YY got in on some of the social media action. We delivered the X1 Carbon to Friedlander in our new Lenovo branded car.