Projector Mode Saves the Day

Meet Tony. He's a U.S.-based field rep for the Lenovo Enterprise team and was recently one of many winners in an internal contest here at Lenovo, receiving a Yoga Tablet 2 Pro. Since Tony is a field rep, he travels a lot which means he doesn't have the luxury of using his Yoga Tablet at home like so many people do. However, just because Tony doesn't get to watch his favorite episodes or play e-games doesn't mean has no use for the Yoga Tablet. Check out his story on how he used the Yoga Tablet when he was in a bind:

Timing is a funny thing.  I got in late last night after a rough afternoon of air travel on appointments. Got home at about 10:30PM, saw the Yoga Tablet, and I immediately charged it up knowing I was back on the road for the next couple of days. I stayed up to 2:00AM loading some videos and also loaded our new System X presentation so I can play around with it.

I was back on the road at 6AM heading to my appointment for a roadmap and enterprise presentation. When we got to the meeting there was no projector. We had a brief conversation and I said that I have a way of doing my presentation but to bear with me because I have less than two hours of familiarity of the Yoga Tablet. No worries though!

What a hit, I did the preso from the Yoga Tablet. They loved it and they wanted a demo unit. Before we went on to  the next presentation of the meeting, I put on an episode of The Big Bang Theory and they were testing to see how large it could project and where it could project. We did walls and ceiling. It was a BIG HIT with them.

Tony's story pretty much speaks for itself. Lenovo builds amazing technology and it's the people (both customers and employees) who make the products shine.

Congrats to Tony on his new, winning presentation techniques!