Step into the Future - with Intel® RealSense™

 Intel® RealSense™ - a revolutionary way to interact with your PC.

From punch cards to keyboards, from mice to touchscreens, the way we interact with computers has evolved drastically over the years. Now, thanks to Intel® RealSense™ a more natural and immersive way to control PCs and tablets has arrived.

So what is it?

In short, it’s real-time, depth-sensing camera technology. Through its infrared laser projector, infrared camera, and microphone, Intel® RealSense™  enables a device to recognise hand and head movements—even facial expressions.



What can you do with it?

RealSense allows you to take command of your computer without even touching it. For instance, you can rewind a movie or flip through a recipe with a simple swipe of your hand  - ideal for when your hands are covered in nacho crumbs or cookie dough. 

In addition, it enables you to scan and print in 3D, enhance photos like never before, and completely immerse yourself in video games.

You can also make your video chats more exciting. For example, by swapping out backgrounds in real time - as Jim Parsons explains here:



Intel RealSense and Lenovo

Intel and Lenovo have teamed up to integrate Intel RealSense 3D cameras into a number of Lenovo PCs, including the Lenovo B50  and the ThinkPad E550. As this video shows, these devices give you greater control and offer a more physical digital experience.



Want to learn more?

To see what else Intel RealSense technology can offer, click here for some more lighthearted Jim Parsons' videos or here to visit the Lenovo website.