Monitor To Go Please

A match made by design.

Have you ever been on a trip and wished you had your second monitor handy? I certainly have. A second monitor is so useful in today's world that it's hard to remember what it was like when I only had one. Fortunately, Lenovo has come to the rescue with the introduction of our new ThinkVision LT1421 mobile monitor.  The mobile monitor connects quite simply with a typical USB cable to your ThinkPad, or any other computer for that matter. We chose USB so that it would provide the user with a one cable power and signal connection. I like this much better than dragging around cumbersome VGA, power, or HDMI cables. At under two pounds and less than one centimeter thin, the 14-inch ThinkVision is the perfect traveling companion for the multi-monitor inclined.

The prop folds flat when not in use

The tip reminds me of Dorothy and her ruby red slippers

We studied a wide array of methods to support the monitor

We designed an elegant prop that folds from the back of the monitor to position the display at the user desired angle. At the tip of the prop is a red rubber cap that keeps the monitor from sliding around and adds a spark of color. A small red detail is so right for a Think branded offering. You can cycle through 16 brightness levels using a simple button located on the back surface of the product. We put it there because it's not used very often, and it was pretty much the only place it would fit.

Dressed for success and  ready to go

From the front, the monitor looks pretty much like you would expect any business monitor to look; simple, trim and reserved. I don't like distractions when I'm staring at a screen full of data. We also worked to align the bottom edge of the monitor with a typical ThinkPad screen. This helps to avoid bobbing your head up and down trying to focus on multiple monitors positioned at different heights. Here are the high level specifications for the monitor Screen size: 14" 16:9 aspect ratio Resolution: 1366x768 Response time: 8ms Panel type: TN-WLED Tilt range: 12-40 degrees I really like this innovative add to our monitor portfolio. I hope you do too. I've already placed my order. David Hill