Education is very important and often, people take the education that's available for granted. There are young people out in the world who don't have the same educational opportunities. Everyday people like Michelle Fidelia help make a difference by volunteering their time and energy to helping students.

Michelle joined the Peace Corps after graduating from college. Helping others especially those less fortunate was something that was instilled within her at an early age.

My father is Haitian, mother is American, and since I was little, my parents, three sisters and I would do mission trips back to the island of Haiti bordered with the Dominican Republic to give out soccer balls, clothes, work with Operation Christmas Child and give what we could.


Her work in the Peace Corps involved travelling to Los Ciruelos, Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic to help at a local school.

I'm here in the Peace Corps Education Sector in the Dominican Republic doing volunteering in one of the schools. From 8-5 Monday through Friday helping out with the teachers giving them advice on what different teaching techniques they can do, helping the kids, I built a library.

The school is both in a rural and disadvantaged area but there are many options for jobs in tourism as we are close to Puerto Plata. Peace Corps volunteers are always placed in rural and disadvantaged areas, I just so happen to be near some beautiful areas in the country.



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Michelle told us more about what the school was like and what it was like when she first started volunteering.


The school here was extremely hard to see to be honest.

I cried the first day I saw how things were and how much work needed to be done. The kids were kids and played as such without discipline in the classrooms.

When I arrived at the school, I was very fortunate to use the projector and equipment that the ministry of education gave to the school to project fun and educational movies, and powerpoint presentations about the different themes teachers wanted me to discuss (health, sexual transmitted diseases, the three little pigs, and so on).



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As a Lenovo INsider, Michelle was also able to help organise resources for the school she was working at by donating devices she no longer used.


They love technology and want to learn more about it. We are in the age where the kids know more than adults when it comes to technology and they always ask to google things on the computers or find words that they do not understand. During recess, they like to watch videos on my laptop and have seen so many planet earths that fascinate them to the fullest extent.





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Volunteering, especially in a third world country definitely puts one out of their comfort zone and makes them appreciate the life they were given. It helps open your mind to the privileges that one has and gives a better understanding as to how people live and the governments that keep thier people in this cycle of poverty.

I like feeling out of my comfort zone because I know this is a learning process and helps people grow in a profound way that others do not like to feel. While volunteering I always feel that I get more out of than the people or places that I am helping which is a selfish thought, but extremely true.

The love and kindness I have felt in this country with people who have alot less than I do, I can never forget and hope to serve these people more when I have the financial capacity to do so. While volunteering in the moment, it can be a daunting task and you feel like you cannot do enough, but as cliche as it sounds, helping just one person can change a life and a whole nation.



It's always wonderful to see how people can give back. If you want to learn more about Michelle, check out her Twitter (@mjoi1584) and Instagram (@ShellFidel).



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