Productivity and Remote Working

Productivity and Remote Working

Thanks to enhancements in technology and a united hate for peak-hour traffic, organisations are steering towards a more flexible workplace.

These days, the physical office doesn’t always inspire employees to work. Neither does the 9am – 5pm time slot. Your office is also lurking with unpreventable distractions you won’t find anywhere else. Jason Fried, head of 37Signals, calls these M&Ms – managers and meetings. They have the power to pull you away from your work in an instant and steal hours from your workday and you can’t do a thing about it. 

Empowering employees to complete work on their terms, doesn’t just create a better work/life balance, it actually helps reduce office expenses. It’s a win-win really.

Web development organisations have been the pioneers in this field for years. They recognise their staff might work better at 11pm at night or more solidly when they’re not being interrupted by gossiping coworkers. The work of a developer is generally very solitary, so it makes sense they work better alone.

But this sort of structure isn’t just for remote employees, it benefits office-dwellers as well. By using social business and CRM platforms like Yammer, Campfire and Salesforce, you’re also opening the lines of communication throughout the entire organisation. Your leaders become more approachable, previously segmented departments start working together and those quiet geniuses are given a voice. Indeed, social collaboration company Yammer, claims that over 80% of the Fortune 500 are using the platform.

Now, you’ve probably heard a few horror stories about companies attempting and failing to establish a remote working structure. You no doubt have heard about Yahoo’s recent decision to discontinue their employee’s ability to work remotely.

The key is creating a solid social business platform, educating your employees on privacy policies, preparing them for change and putting in all the IT security measures before your employees set foot out the door.

Get these right and your organisation is set to reap all the benefits of a remote workforce - happier employees, enhanced productivity, greater agility and the prime breeding ground for innovation.