Six hats you need to know

Hats off to creativity

We’re putting a stop to bad brainstorm sessions. If you fail to prepare or invite the wrong attitudes into the room, you can actually create more problems than the ones you’re trying to solve.

Revolutionary lateral thinker, Edward DeBono, is the master at manifesting brilliant ideas with corporations around the world having adopted his problem-solving techniques for decades.

While there are books and workshops dedicated to just this one technique, here is a topline overview of Debono’s infamous Six Thinking Hats.

What each hat represents:

The white hat is hungry for information – facts and stats.
The red hat feeds on emotional energy – feelings and intuition.
The yellow hat is the optimist – seeing the bright side to everything.
The green hat focuses on creativity – generating new ideas.
The black hat is for judgment – the devil’s advocate.
The blue hat manages the thinking process.

Your hat dress code:

We all embody elements of each of these hats, but trying to wear every hat at the same time results in internal conflicts and weak, half-baked ideas.
There is a time and place for every hat, but we need to know when and how to wear each hat to cultivate the best ideas.

Before the meeting

This is when you wear your white hat. This helps you build your research, generate stats and find all the facts you need before the brainstorm.

At the meeting

Red, yellow and green hats are granted entry. Together, they can create an intuitive, creative and optimistic environment – the perfect breeding ground for new ideas. Here, there is no such thing as a stupid or bad idea and mistakes are nonexistent. It’s all about being in an open state of mind to explore new, creative concepts and see where they take you.

On occasion, a blue hat can moderate the meeting and keep everyone on track – but only one.


After the meeting

Your blue and black hats can now get down to work culling the unrealistic ideas and building on the better ones. These hats put you in a closed state of mind so you can focus on putting existing ideas into action instead of muddying the waters with new ideas.


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