Six Lifehacks To Help You - and the Planet

Six Green Lifehacks

Lifehacks not only make our lives easier, they can also help the planet. Especially, if we learn the 3Rs - Reduce, Reuse, and Recyle.

1. Reduce. A great example of reducing waste is to give old clothes to a friend or a charity. Or why not turn your hoody into a 'ThinkBag'?


Or why not cut the need for plastic folders? As this handy tip shows, a Yoga Tablet doubles up perfectly as a document holder:


2. Reuse. Another way to lower waste is to BYOB: Bring Your Own Bags when shopping. It can save you money and help the environment - just like this clever hack that avoids the needs for plates and/or washing-up:

N-EAT, huh?

Can't find a plastic clip to keep your chips fresh? Who needs it? Simply grab a pen and 'Hey Presto!', your chips are sealed.

Try this - Write Away 

3. Recycle. If the first 2Rs don't work, find a way of recycling trash. For example, this lifehack does both - recycles and removes trash.


When you finished snacking on potato chips, please remember to keep the tin. As it makes an ideal spaghetti holder:


If you have any lifehacks that you would like to others to reuse, simply pop them into the comments box below.

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