System x Servers Beat the Competition Hands Down


It’s a fact. Buying the right servers for your business is one of the most critical decisions you can make. Low-level security breaches are becoming increasingly sophisticated, costing companies millions of dollars in fines and lawsuits, not to mention damage to their brand and reputation. Take any one of the high-profile breaches that has popped up in the headlines over the last few months. You need a server that protects your hardware and firmware. Period.

Outage costs are mounting, too – to the tune of up to millions of dollars per day, according to a recent study by Aberdeen Group. Your server must maximize your uptime to facilitate 24/7 operations for your business. How can you afford an unreliable server? And meanwhile, since data centers typically spend a majority of their budget on power and cooling, the wrong server can waste significant energy, space and money.

The fact is, System x servers beat the competition hands down in security, efficiency and reliability.

Industry-leading System x Trusted Platform Assurance, an exclusive set of features and practices, provides the best protection in the industry and establishes a solid foundation for your workloads. System x scored the highest in reliability of all x86 servers, according to an independent ITIC survey. And System x servers deliver outstanding efficiency – with extended operating temperature ranges, dual fan zones, Titanium Power supplies and amazing performance.

We just released some competitive videos that show the bare facts – just how System x beats HP, Dell and Cisco, hands down. We encourage you to watch these videos (HP, Dell, Cisco) and learn the facts for yourself.


Jill Caugherty is the Worldwide Marketing Manager for the Lenovo volume rack and tower portfolio, based in Research Triangle Park, NC.