The Adventourists – Saving the World, one rally at a time

The Adventourists - Michael and Freddy

The Mongol Rally is one of the biggest adventures nowadays. It is a charity event that is now seven years young, running from London, UK to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. That means 10,000 miles across three deserts, five mountain ranges and through 20 countries.
This year Lenovo Australia and New Zealand is supporting 'The Adventourists': 2 blokes in one tiny car,  with a ThinkPad X220, ThinkPad X1 and the Lenovo tablet to conquer ⅓ of the world on their journey of a lifetime and all for charity. And so far they have put their technology to the test. In this blog entry, Michael Stoltz and Frederic Chanut tell all from the road!


The Mongol Rally started on the 14/7/2012 on Goodwood Motor Circuit (South of London) with a big bang party and hundreds of adventurists that are taking on the rally this year. It followed with a short sprint to Klenova, Czech Republic, where we celebrated the second launch party at a 13th century castle. Ever since then we crossed Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey and are now staying in Georgia, one of the first old Soviet and last Christian countries before heading into ''The Stan's''...

The Lenovo For Those Who DO car

So far the rally has been an adventure in itself, the car has been in the workshops three times: once to replace a short circuit, then to replace brake pads and lastly to install some skid plates as protection for the roads to come. It's been a bumpy ride but also a quick one as driving through Europe has been fairly quick and magical with Istanbul being one of the most enjoyable cities so far.

We were very thankful for the equipment that Lenovo provided us with because we have used it non-stop since we left. We have used the tablet for navigation, music and many other apps, it is amazing. Out of convenience we have taped it to the car so we can easily interact with it while driving. Nothing interrupts the usage of the tablet. It's also very reliable and very user friendly.

The ThinkPad X1 has proven to be the best for writing our blog and editing all the photos and videos that we are snapping and shooting along the way. The ThinkPad X220 is the quick and easy solution to pull up all of our important information that we have scanned and stored on this machine. It's the best way to pull off the road and check the things we need to do or get done, or in the minutes before border crossings to review and document all necessary information that we might need.

Lenovo gear powering inside the DO car
Our next stop is in Azerbaijan, with Baku as one of our favourite destinations on the entire trip. We will then catch the ferry from Baku to Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan, if all of our VISAs get granted in time and the ferry actually runs. The remaining countries include Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgistan, Kazakhstan and Russia before we finally arrive in Mongolia. So far we have taken one week to complete 5,000 km but with the worsening road conditions we are expecting the remaining 10,000 km to take much longer. During these times we will put all of our equipments to the test. The car will be suffering the most, but we are very optimistic that we will make it safe and sound to Mongolia!

We plan to catch up with Freddy and Michael on their return shortly. Find out more about the Adventourists by following their awesome adventure right here, or donate by visiting