The Power to Think

Being a major user of ThinkPad I am constantly looking for ways to keep mine up and running longer. I'm sure I am not alone in this quest. Extended batteries, fresh batteries, software settings, strategic placement of multiple AC adapters within the design center and my home all matter. I have also used AC/DC adapters to further extend my ability to power up in environments like cars and airplanes. Unfortunately , the category of AC/DC adapters has usually been secret code for thicker and heavier adapters. Not one of my favorite design attributes. We just announced a very exciting AC/DC adapter that finally solves the size and weight dilemma. My team did the design for the adapter working closely with the engineers to solve packaging and thermal issues in addition to creating the overall aesthetic impression. The case is more form fitting that a spandex catsuit. The complete kit is shown here.

The product weighs in at a scant 425 grams and measures an inspiring 15.5 millimeters thin. This is nearly half the thickness of our previous version. Amazing! The ribbed texture was created to add stiffness to a very thin wall plastic case, provide a nonslip surface and dissipate heat similar to a more traditional heat sink. It also looks nice. I know this is top of mind so I'll answer it now. It even fits in an envelope : ) An assortment of tips are included to match the adapter to your favorite notebook, as is a handsome carrying case. It can also be used to charge things like your cell phone or other handheld device. For those of you who are too impatient to wait, we offer a dual charging "Y" cable lets you charge two devices at once. Finally a solution that lets me travel with only one adapter. My life just got simpler.

David Hill