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ThinkVision New

ThinkVision L2251x Wide Monitor

Today Lenovo unveiled five new ThinkVision monitors that take "green" design and user critical ergonomics to a new level. The new line-up includes Lenovo's flagship ThinkVision L2251x wide monitor, the company's most environmentally-responsible monitor.  The innovative L2251x is the world's first PC monitor to be TCO Certified Edge. In case you have not heard of it, TCO Certified Edge is a supplemental award open to those products that already meet the stringent worldwide TCO Certified criteria for environment and usability in IT design. The supplemental award was created by the TCO to recognize those special products and technologies that go well beyond the call of duty within their existing eco-labeling programs. All the monitors are TCO Certified, EPEAT Gold Rated, and are more than 50% more energy efficient than previous models.

ThinkVision Bag

ThinkVision reusable packing bag

Here are some of the highlights related to our reduce, reuse, recycle strategy:

Reduce. The ThinkVision L2251x Wide features a webcam,microphone, ambient light and  proximity sensor to further lower power consumption. The ambient light sensor adjusts screen brightness automatically based on room lighting conditions thus saving energy. The proximity sensors on the L2251x Wide cleverly turns the screen off when you step away, helping to save up to an additional 10 percent of power consumption a year. The integrated webcam and microphone makes it easier to reduce travel time and expense for critical meetings. 

Reuse. The L2251x Wide chassis parts are made of 65 percent post consumer recycled plastics with no virgin plastics. With this achievement, it contains the highest amount of post consumer recycled plastics for monitors listed in the EPEAT registry. The new monitor is shipped in more than 90 percent recycled packaging, and for the first time, Lenovo is including a reusable protective bag as part of the packaging to further reduce plastics use. My team designed the graphics for the bag to celebrate this environmental achievement. Using a typical throw away plastic bag just didn't make sense for these offerings.

Recycle. Lenovo provides a number of PC recycling options worldwide. Consumers in the U.S. can receive rewards for recycling if their old PC has residual value. Lenovo also offers Asset Recovery Services for business customers that provides computer take-back, data destruction, refurbishment and recycling. Additional Asset Recovery services include inventory, value assessment, on-site de-installation and data encryption. We really care about the planet. We didn't just focus on the green aspect of the design. The new monitors present vivid images fast by offering up to 1680x1050 screen resolution, a 1000:1 contrast ratio and a five millisecond response time. DisplayPort compatibility on select models also lets people easily work on their laptop or desktop via the monitor. The ThinkVision 2551x Wide features an ergonomic height adjustable stand that provides 110mm of lift and supports rotation from landscape to portrait. Four high-speed USB ports are also included for added flexibility and expansion. The appearance of the monitor family is right in line with other Think branded offerings, all business. We spent a lot of time and energy designing these new monitors. I think you will like them for both their design and environmental leadership.

David Hill