ThinkPad: Another Brick in the Wall

If you are at all like me, you have more than one AC  adapter for your ThinkPad. To be honest, I think I probably have more than the total number of ThinkPad notebooks I have ever owned. That is a big number. Some people refer to these neccessities of technology as wall warts, I prefer to call them "bricks". I have them strategically placed throughout my world. I have one in my garage, bedroom, kitchen, family room, backpack, car trunk and of course my conference room and office. There are actually three in my office alone. Whenever I get the chance I always plug in to ensure that when I go truly mobile I always have the fullest charge possible. I guess I would rather be safe than sorry. I do try to make a habit of unplugging them when I'm not using them to avoid needless power consumption. If you didn't know, all AC adapters consume power even if they are only plugged into the wall outlet and not an electronic device. I thought it would be interesting to poll my readers regarding how many AC adapters they currently have in use.

If you crave more power and always want to be prepared with maximum battery power, I suggest you arm yourself with more "bricks" here.

David Hill