ThinkPad in a Plastic Bag?

The new trend for systems and bags seems to be color. If I buy a system with a cool color, I do not want to hide it in my plain bag. As a joke, I packed my Edge laptop into a ziploc bag to see if it fit and was impressed that I could still see the shining red of the system. Now, as I reach for my black bag, it is upsetting that the red on my Lenovo Edge will be hidden.  I am interested in a pop of color. The new sport cases are all about new color. The DO color for people we define as DOers.

Lenovo Sport cases family

The Lenovo Sport Cases are different from our regular black business cases – sport cases are for people who are bored with black color and want to stand out and DO something different. The color is not the only detail. The cases feature a mesh pocket for cold drinks; perfect for summer.

Lenovo Sport case messed pocket bottle

My favorite small detail – recessed zipper – all external facing zippers are recessed. You will not see zipper teeth, which also helps to keep the pocket water resistant.

Lenovo Sport case recessed zipper

Also – as smart phones move from big-to-small and back again– we have the room to grow, or shrink. We have decided to enlarge the internal pocket so it can accommodate much bigger phones.

Lenovo Sport Backpack internal pockets

I want more colors, but I need your feedback. Black cases never run out of style, but what if style is now all about being different and standing out? If you embrace the new trend, what colors would you want to see? I would be interested to hear your comments.

 This just leaves one very important question - Are you Team Color or Team Classic?