ThinkPad X1 and The Ultimate Battery Charge

ThinkPad Battery 39+

You've got the thinnest ThinkPad ever -- the do-almost-anything wonder machine that looks as good as it performs.  You've got MIL-SPEC ruggedness with a carbon fiber roll cage, Corning® Gorilla® Glass and a spill-resistant keyboard.  You can charge your battery to 80% in a quick 30 minutes with innovative RapidCharge technology and you're ready to go again. The ThinkPad X1 sounds like it was designed for the ultimate spy, not to mention people who are constantly on the go and demand performance.  Oh, and who look great while doing it.  Shaken, not stirred, please. I'm a huge fan of RapidCharge.  It is a key reason I'd choose to carry an X1, and is the kind of technology that comes from listening hard to our customers and delivering innovation that makes a difference.  But I know the people who are going to carry an X1; if one thing is true of them, it is that they are always on the go. "Performance" and "Thinness" aren't words that usually work together.  Five hours of battery life is an incredible achievement in the no-compromises design of the X1, but let's think about the people who are going to be carrying these things:  They are out there, moving, doing, making things happen.  Thirty minutes is hustling from one terminal to the other.  It's getting from the train to the next appointment.  It's time spent tucked away in a crowded coffee shop with no available power outlets, getting the reports done before the deadine. 

So how do we make the ultimate ThinkPad even better?  Simple: make it run longer.  Enter the ThinkPad Battery 39+.  It doubles the battery life of the X1, meaning 10 hours now stand between you and the need to plug in.  Since it it comes from the same engineers that brought you the X1, all that additional productivity is in a package deserving of the X1 -  thin and very light.  And when you're using our Ultraslim AC/DC adapter or the standard 90W adapter, RapidCharge will have you at 80% in the same 30 minutes for each battery.    Now you've got a full day on the go, and it won't take long to get ready to do it all over again.