USB Web Camera: Shaken not Stirred

In addition to computers my team also works on the design of many computer-related accessories. These are often little design jewels that allow designers to stretch their imaginations in areas they don't normally get to focus on. One such design is the newly introduced USB WebCam.

The camera is very compact, includes two beam-forming microphones with noise reduction which separate your voice from ambient background noises. In addition, software cancels unwanted echoes during your calls so your voice comes through naturally on the receiving end. You probably won't even need a headset!

It also sports a unique spring clip attachment method we invented that lets you attach it easily and securely to a thin notebook display or a traditional flat-panel monitor. It will also stand alone on a desk.

But my favorite feature is the sliding lens cover design. This feature does more than protect the lens, it connects in a design sense to the famous Minox spy camera from the 1960's. Every time I use it I feel a bit like James Bond. It also gives you the added visual fail safe for knowing when the camera is transmitting or not. I like to call this "pajama mode".

You can check out the details here.

David Hill