Töpfer GmbH, a family-owned, medium-sized food services company located in Germany, needed to improve security on its premises.

Because of networking and computing limitations within the company’s existing infrastructure, Töpfer could operate only six out of ten cameras in parallel, which limited its ability to effectively monitor facilities. An expanding server landscape also contributed to growing networking requirements. As a result, the company needed to improve its networking performance to maintain exceptional service levels and implement the new security measures effectively.

The project team implemented a Lenovo RackSwitch G8052 to support the new security solution, which includes ten surveillance cameras and an access control system. The RackSwitch solution provides ten times the previous networking capacity, connecting ten network printers, ten cameras, production equipment and client desktops with 1 Gpbs bandwidth. The company’s servers are linked to the switch using 10 Gbps network connections. They also replaced their legacy HP servers with System x servers from Lenovo, providing greater computing power to meet the increased performance requirements of the new security solution.

Töpfer offers its products and services to customers in the hospitality sector as well as wholesale and retail companies, and also provides catering services for private or business events.

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