Wireless ThinkPad Keyboard. The People’s Choice?


The ongoing saga of the ThinkPad external keyboard design has been very entertaining to follow. Blog statistics and media reaction would suggest that I am far from being the only one interested in this hot topic. SInce I last blogged about our newly introduced keyboard, and the "crowd sourced" methodology we used to design it, I've seen over 250 comments posted with thousands of visits by readers like you. It's very rewarding as a designer to see this kind of a reaction to what we tried to do. I think Lenovo is pioneering the use of blogs to guide design directions. Having the views of the people who buy and use the things we design is a gift.  In reading the many blog comments it's obvious to me that there continues to be interest in a wireless version. The data from our original study didn't indicate enormous interest in this feature, but maybe things have changed. Is the time is right for us reconsider a wireless version? I asked my team to put together a new survey specifically on this topic so that we can learn more. Where do you want to use it? Why is wireless important to you? What wireless technology is preferable? How much extra would you pay for wireless? Cutting the cord does have a price tag. These are just some of the questions we have. If you are truly interested in Lenovo bringing  such a innovative wireless keyboard to market, help us build the business case and refine the design requirements. Thanks again for your ongoing interest and valued input, we're listening. You can take the wireless keyboard survey here.

David Hill