International Womens Day Lenovo

History proves innovators from across the globe blaze new trails by breaking the rules. This year, Lenovo recognizes women who think outside the box and have created new paradigms in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) careers. These women, past and present, go beyond the residue of stereotypes that women aren’t good enough, tough enough, and/or smart enough for STEM careers.

At Lenovo, the basis of our success stems from the entrepreneurial spirit of our workforce and we are proud that more than 30 percent of our global workforce is represented by women. We know it is a fact that inclusion of women creates better solutions for our business and our customers. And, I have personally witnessed how having a STEM background has laid the foundation to break through glass ceilings, solve big business problems, manage issues and help create success for the people with whom I work. 

In recognition of International Women’s Day and throughout Women’s History Month, I am choosing to highlight women from around the world who inspire me – they created a new way of thinking and doing things differently. I hope their stories will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and use your natural talents in complex problem solving and collaboration to make the world better.