Zero to Hero to Zero

It isn't often that a piece of technology can make me a Hero-Dad.  I'm a gadget guy, and my apples haven't fallen far from the tree, but my kids are tough customers - if it doesn't have a screen and make noises guaranteed to test my patience from the back seat of the family car, it usually doesn't make the grade.  The other day I brought home the Lenovo Mini Wireless Keyboard N5901 (part number 57Y6336) to do some testing around the house.  This product has gotten a lot of attention from people searching for a good fit with their Media Center PC's.  We've also seen a lot of other interesting uses for teachers and classroom PC's, corporate presenters and even hotels who need keyboard and mouse capability in a small package. Before I knew it my oldest had it plugged it into our Wii, and in under ten seconds was merrily using it to type back and forth with friends in Animal Crossing.  Apparently one of the few things the Wii does poorly is typing with the on-screen keyboard, and the ability to easily enter text opened up a whole new door for my kids.  Next my youngest escaped upstairs to try it out on the xBox, and the clumsy on-screen keyboard was no longer a barrier to fun.  Searching and other text-intensive tasks weren't hard any more, and they were really enjoying themselves. Everything was going quite well until I told them this one had to go back to work.  Hopefully, a box or two under the tree will allow them to forgive me. We'll be doing an out-of-the box video blog soon, so keep checking back.  In the meantime, what would YOU use the Lenovo Mini Wireless Keyboard for?